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Morocco by experts was founded in 2010 by 2 Moroccan experts in Tourism.
Our dream is to share the expertise of over 30 years of field experience by providing private guided tours and travel recommendations to travelers from around the globe.
We have been in business for many years and gained an important experience and professionalism in Luxury or low cost Morocco tours.

Our Tours

Tangier full day city tour

A mythical city!
The hub of ancient and modern histories
Tangiers is still a mystery secretly protecting its treasures that attracted various famous personalities for the last century.

Tangier Cultural tour

In the north of Morocco, on the coasts of Tangier where the Mediterranean and Atlantic waters converge, you’ll discover a unique city bearing a multicultural heritage.
Tangier la blanche invites you to discover its cultural influences.

Asilah Day Trip

Alongside the Atlantic Ocean
This town shares almost the same history as Tangiers , however the 20th century made it famous because of the kidnapping of an American citizen by Raisouli , the last pirate

Chefchaouen City Tour

The most beautiful blue town on the rif mountains.
Founded by the Andalusian refugees.
It is by far the most authentic of all moorish heritage.

Chefchaouen Instagram Tour

Explore the narrow blue streets of Chefchaouen
Take beautiful photos of some of the most notable sites in the city
Enjoy the beautiful landscapes along the road from Tangier to Chefchaouen

Akchour the lost paradise

Akchour is a gorgeous park with hidden nature treasures. This hike is an excellent way to stretch the legs and to get a tantalising taste of the Rif Mountains. right 1h away from Chefchaouen city.


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